How do I delete bookmarks from Favorites folder?

Internet Explorer has an ability to save bookmarks under Favorites menu. You can add those sites which are most visited every day. You can also bookmark those sites which you visit during search with bing and other popular search engines. However, over the period of time, the bookmarks will get accumulated if you had not organized them in Folders.

You can delete each bookmark one by one but it be an tedious operation especially if you need to delete 100’s of them. Hence, you need to find a simple way, which is navigating directly to the Favorite folder and deleting the bookmark entries. Follow the steps mentioned below

(1) Navigate to <YOUR_DRIVE_LETTER>:\Users\<YOUR_USER_NAME>\Favorites

Note: Replace YOUR_DRIVE_LETTER & YOUR_USER_NAME with appropriate values.

(2) You will find bookmark entries. If you had saved them by creating folders, you need to open the relevant folder

(3) Delete the required bookmark entries

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