How do I install an Operating System on a VPS?

Nowadays, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are becoming more popular. It is similar to that of shared hosting but with root access. Users will have full rights to install any supported software by simply logging into the remote server using SSH.

While shared hosting is recommended for small to medium sized websites, VPS are generally suitable for those who have high traffic sites. Normally, shared hosting providers will not allow you to consume more than allocated resource in terms of CPU but with VPS your website can consume the full allocated resource.

In order to install an operating system on your VPS you should have full rights to the remote web server. Generally, VPS providers provide numerous templates with which you can install your favourite operating system without using any complex shell commands.

You can access the templates by logging into SolusVM panel provided by your VPS provider. Please note that it is not possible to install Windows Operating System with SolusVM panel.

In order to install Windows Server, you should submit a request to your hosting provider who will reinstall Windows for you.

You can then login to remote server using Remote Desktop Terminal, which ships with Windows 7 and install SQL Server Express, Control Panel of your choice and much more.



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