How do I Modify the Taskbar Settings?

Taskbar is an important element in Windows 7. It is not possible to work with Windows 7 without using Taskbar. As you might have observed, Start menu is situated on the Taskbar. You have to make use of Start menu to launch programs.

Moreover, shortcuts to all major applications are attached to theĀ  Taskbar. In Windows 7 parlance, the word attach means Pinned. You can easily modify the default settings of Taskbar from the Control Panel.

Select Start | Control Panel | Taskbar and Start Menu. You will view a screen as shown below

As you can see, it is possible to lock and Auto-hide the Taskbar. The Auto-hide feature will be very useful if you need to capture screenshots, videos etc. You can also convert the default icons to small icons by selecting Use small icons option.

It is also possible to change the location of Taskbar. The default is Bottom but you can change to Left, Right and Top if required.

By default, Taskbar buttons appear as icons with hidden labels. However, you can enable labels by selecting combine when taskbar is full option.

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