How to change Windows 7 Taskbar color with Aero Taskbar Color Changer?

If you are a power user of Windows 7 then you will be interested to work with different desktop variations. Normally, you will modify themes. But have you wondered about modifying the color of the Taskbar. If no then you should try Aero Taskbar Color Changer.

With the help of Aero Taskbar Color Changer, you can easily modify the Taskbar color. The product is available free of cost as a single ZIP package. Inside the package, you will find an executable file named Aero Taskbar Color Changer.exe. You should just double click it in order to use the color changer. However, the color of the Taskbar will change only if you enabled Aero based Windows 7 theme.

In order to change the color of the Taskbar, right click the icon labelled Aero Taskbar Color Changer from the system tray and select Change Taskbar Color. You will view a new dialog as shown below


You can also select your own color from the Color Box by clicking Let me choose my own colors. Aero Taskbar Color Changer is a simple freeware tool which has the ability to change Taskbar color easily. I would suggest you to try the tool if you would like to play with Windows 7.

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