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High-quality interface icons are just as important for a successful product, site or online service as are its interface, performance, functionality, ease of use and many other aspects comprising the user experience.

Icons are on the front of any software solution, thus immediately creating a lasting impression about the overall quality of the product and professionalism of its creators.

Aha-Soft has been always committed to creating top-quality icons for the industry professionals and is now launching a dedicated resource featuring hundreds of professionally crafted interface icons that can be browsed and downloaded free of charge.

Aha-Soft is glad to announce the launch of IconWanted.Com – a searchable catalog of free, high-quality interface icons for anyone looking for an affordable and hassle-free way to drastically improve the quality of their program interfaces.

The site is based on a search engine that enables users to quickly find the necessary icons in over 200 icon collections currently featured on the site. Each icon collection can also be browsed individually.

The icon view page allows users to switch between three background types (white, transparent, black), view the icon in all of the available sizes and download it with a single mouse click in one or all supported formats (IconWanted.Com currently supports icons in ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP and JPEG formats).

The built-in search functionality makes it possible to search icons by name, size, license type and style, while viewing can be organized by category, author or style. The basic site features are available to all users without exceptions, while registered site members get access to several advanced functions, and namely:

– Possibility to download an entire collection of icons with a single click
– Possibility to add icons and collections to personal favorites for ease of navigation
– Possibility to rate icons on the scale of 1 to 5

Site registration is 100% free. Users can also watch for site updates by subscribing to the site’s RSS feed or email newsletter, or by checking out the site’s Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz accounts. All information about new icon collections will be posted there.

The idea is very simple. The more good icons there are on the market, the more good-looking interfaces we┬┤ll see in the future.” says Dmitry Costenco, webmaster of Aha-Soft.

We thought that it would be a great idea to create a centralized and easily searchable storage of interface icons for various types of programs and solutions, and offer it to the public for free.

We really hope our new site will help many people out there get their projects done in time and the way they envision them. With more and more valuable contributions made to the site, it will grow to eventually become what we hope will be a one-stop-shopping center for UI icons – except that in this shop, everything will be free.

About Aha-Soft

With one of the largest selections of stock icons and custom small graphics on the web, Aha-Soft represents the growing demand for professional icons and icon creation tools throughout the development and graphics communities. The company offers icons and related products in convenient packages and in single purchases to suit any and every development need.

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