ImageGear v17.3 for Microsoft .NET – Do More with Images

ImageGear for .NET is the Software Development Kit for .NET WinForms, ASP.NET and WPF imaging and includes features such as Scanning, compression, Viewing, annotation, printing, Image editing, processing. It also ships with Comprehensive OCR capabilities and support for PDF and vector.

ImageGear v17.3 offers a comprehensive OCR solution such as support for OCR recognition in over 100 languages, Auto-Zoning feature automatically segments the image into zones, Zone-based recognition, Dictionary support in addition to Several image processing and cleanup enhancements.

The product supports several formats such as Image over text PDF, Plain text PDF, Microsoft Office 2007, Office 97: Word and Excel, RTF, HTML, and XML. Version 17.3 introduces new features for ASP.NET such as Annotation support for Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, and more, Zero footprint technology eliminates security issues when deploying, Loading and saving of annotations in an open XML format.

Moreover, developers can also Create, select, delete, modify, and change z-order of annotations in the viewer. The latest version ships with support for Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers

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