IncrediBuild Supports Visual Studio 2015 Preview

IncrediBuild, a Visual Studio Integration Partner has added support for Visual Studio 2015 and the Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition.

A main highlight of this new development is that predicitive execution mechanism is enabled by default on all Agents. Moreover, IncrediBuild also provides support for Visual Studio Android builds and to build Visual Studio Universal Projects.

IncrediBuild Supports Visual Studio 2015 Preview

The new Predictive Execution mechanism accelerates Android and C++ builds. Incredibuild will be able to perform following task when predictive execution is enabled

  • Start compiling project “B” that depends on project “A” during project’s “A” execution.
  • Allow customers to define custom steps to run in parallel to consecutive tasks
  • Execute compilation tasks which are not “batched” in parallel

The official website has listed the following figures where you can compare the real performance of IncrediBuild

  • Without IncrediBuild (on 8, 16, or 32 core machine) – 200 seconds
  • With IncrediBuild (on an 8 core machine) – 25 seconds
  • With IncrediBuild and additional cores – 2 seconds

IncrediBuild enable your C++, C# and Android builds to execute faster by optimizing parallel compilation and by providing the ability to use remote cores to execute in excess of the local core the developers machine has.


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