My Unforgettable Indiblogger Memories

I entered into the blogging world several years back. It was difficult to share the blog posts at that time other than mentioning the website URL on other sites I contributed articles. You can’t virtually share article anywhere nearly 20 years back because of the absence of platforms. With the evolution of Technology, companies like Reddit and Digg came into existence where I shared content.

I then came to know about Indiblogger around 2008-2009 time frame and registered on the portal. I am unable to remember when I actually registered with Indiblogger but it could be early 2008. I was not serious about Indiblogger at that time but slowly the platform evolved. I used to share my blog posts on Indiblogger and used to get several votes. It was a nice experience to see other people voting for my content.

Indiblogger Campaigns

The blogging world has dramatically changed with the launch of campaigns by Indiblogger. The bloggers were asked to write about a specific content, topic, theme and in return we got vouchers. The Indione project was equally good with the company sending out press releases. I participated in several Indione campaigns and got money directly into my bank account. The interesting point to note is that we have to accept the campaign before 12 PM after the Indiblogger team approval. Otherwise, the campaign will lapse. It happened to me once and I got disappointed since I didn’t notice the approval email.

I participated in several Indiblogger campaigns by writing articles and embedding videos. The main advantage of Indiblogger is that each campaign includes a specific set of instructions clearly. We have to follow them for the final approval of the content. The rules and regulations were strict with Indiblogger.

We have to submit the links at a specific time. For example, if the requirement of the campaign is to submit the article at 5 PM, we have to login and keep the window open. We then have to refresh the browser, shoot the link and description immediately when the button activates. If you are not doing the task immediately, then your blog post will lag behind. The end result is you will lose the opportunity to receive vouchers.

The Joy of Vouchers

The real point to note is that Indiblogger will provide vouchers to only 100 bloggers. Sometime, it will be higher depending upon the sponsor. It was an interesting experience to work with Indiblogger campaigns. That said, Flipkart and Amazon Vouchers were offered in multiples of INR 1000, INR 1500 and even INR 2000 depending upon the brand.

I entirely loved the way Indiblogger has developed and vouchers are distributed. Furthermore, our face will be happy when we receive a voucher since it is regarded as a testimony of our hard work. I really don’t know whether any company like Indiblogger exist anywhere in the world. I was shocked when I found a gift voucher issued by Indiblogger inside my inbox. I redeemed the voucher with just two days left for the expiry. I had redeemed several vouchers 8 months back but I retained this voucher until I found it recently. It would have been a disaster if I had not redeemed the voucher.

Physical Gifts

I had noticed a big banner with the brand name Colgate when I was browsing Indiblogger few years back. I immediately expressed interest and received the confirmation email within two days. After a few days, I received a big parcel with all goodies like Mug, Flash, Charcoal Toothbrush and a Pencil box with a letter inside the box in glossy brown color.


Moreover, the campaign fetched me money as well. I still remember the nice experiences with the Colgate brand. I still maintain the goodies including the letter as a treasure.


I also participated in a campaign involving a popular Australian brand. I received a Limited Edition Melbourne Cricket Pen Drive as an assured gift. I was unable to win any other gifts. I located the item deep inside my shelves after several days. Oh no! How can I forget the Netflix House of Cards campaign?

Melbourne Cricket Pen Drive

The Change

There was a total shutdown of flash campaigns two years back but Indiblogger had conducted regular contests. We were provided with theme, video and other relevant materials. We have to write and submit the article before the last date. Sometimes, the date would be extended upon the discretion of the management.

I participated in several brand campaigns such as Pearson, Vodafone and much more. I also participated in the Flipkart brand contest in January but was not selected as a winner. I accepted the fact because it’s was a cool contest with more than 500 blog posts. However, I was not disappointed and was waiting for more interesting campaigns when Indiblogger dropped the bombshell by stating that they are pulling the shutters. Like all other bloggers, I was disappointed for several days but slowly accepted the reality. There will be ups and downs in business. We have to accept the fact and move ahead with a positive mind.

I am not sure whether Indiblogger will come back in the near future but I enjoyed the journey completely. The blogger influencer platform has given so much help and resources including vouchers and gifts. The staff was always cordial and was responsive to queries. I don’t think of any other platform that provides this much gifts in return for blogging. The entry of social media platforms has certainly changed

The discussion forum on the Indiblogger portal is full of useful blogging resources and I hope management will retain the site as it is without any downtime. The upcoming bloggers will learn a lot from the vast array of articles and resources. The forum will most likely be closed down by the end of June but we will be able to view the existing content.

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