InfiniDB Shuts Down, Hands Over Resources to SkySQL

InfiniDB has closed down its operations. The news was announced by Bob Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer, InfiniDB on the official community page.

As a developer, you can continue to download open source InfiniDB platform from the GitHub. However, the official community page will not be active or supported. You can report bugs from within the InfiniDB GitHub Issues page.

InfiniDB has hosted a separate resources page with whitepapers, datasheets, webinars, videos, documentation, business intelligence quick start guide and analyst reports. According to official sources, SkySQL will take over control of the resources page and will also offer maintenance support for the products developed by InfiniDB.

Making MySQL Great for Business Intelligence

In the whitepapers section, you will find Apache Hadoop technical notes, performance benchmarks, use of Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice and big data analytics primer. You will also know about the best practices which should be followed in the use of columnar databases.

InfiniDB has also provided a whitepaper which enables you to lower the total cost of ownership for business intelligence databases.

In the datasheets section, you will be able to download help files related to latest versions of InfiniDB in addition to information about their partner program.

InfiniDB has maintained constant touch with their customers through webinars. The company has hosted recordings of all the previous webinars since they are one of the most valuable resources.

Videos help you to learn concepts quickly. In the videos section, you will view 5 recordings presented by CTO and COO of InfiniDB.

If you don’t have time to watch webinars and videos, you can download presentations in PDF format. There are slides about ad targeting, building high-performance MySQL query systems and analytic applications in addition to use of MySQL for building business intelligence applications. There is a presentation which predicts global unrest with GDELT and InfiniDB.

“I want to thank everyone for the incredible support as we worked together to advance the Big Data industry”, said Bob Wilkinson, CEO, InfiniDB.

You can download trial versions of InfiniDB enterpise and standard editions including a package for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Apache Hadoop AWS.

In addition to above mentioned resources, you will also find documentation, business intelligence quick start guide and analyst research reports.

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