Infolinks Self-Serve Ads Marketplace Reaps Rich Dividends

Nowadays, many webmasters employ Google Adsense to monetize blogs or websites. However, webmasters are constantly on a lookout to implement multiple revenue generation capabilities on their websites in their quest to earn increased income.

Infolinks is a very popular In-Text advertising network service, which allows you to place text based ads on your website. In order to place Infolinks ads you will be required to register and add your blog. You will receive an email from as soon as the support team approves your blog.

You will be required to place unique code on your blog and the ads will be served immediately via a smart algorithm from the servers of Infolinks. You will be able to view double-underline links over certain portions of your content that upon hovering over a word, open a small bubble with an advertisement inside. Your blog will earn revenue when visitors to your site click on the links displayed on your blog.

Infolinks recently announced the launch of the first and only Self-Service Marketplace, which enables advertisers to quickly and easily create an In-Text Advertising campaign, with various targeting options. From my point of view, this type of advertising service has proven to be a viable and cost-effective alternative when compared to Google Adwords.

According to Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer, Infolinks new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an In-Text Advertising campaign.

While other services such as Google Adwords match advertisements to relevant keyword searches, Infolinks Marketplace enables web users to open the advertisement in a contextually relevant environment making them much more open to the advertiser’s message.

Infolinks self-service In-Text Advertising Marketplace includes the following features

Feature Purpose
User Friendly Create an In-Text advertising campaign in minutes
Keyword Selection Select and own your branded keywords across the Web
Keyword Bidding Segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting
Advanced Optimization Customize your reach and maximize ROI
Real-Time Reporting Monitor and continuously improve your brand lift


As I mentioned above, Infolinks In-Text advertisements are revealed only when the consumer hovers over a highlighted keyword in relevant content and opts-in to see the advertisements that interest them. As of the time of this writing, Infolinks delivers In-Text advertising campaigns across 250 billion pages of content reaching over 350 million unique visitors.

Future Course of Action

Are you a …

Publisher – Register for the Infolinks Program – Place Ads – Earn Money
Advertiser – Register for Self-Serve Ads Marketplace


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