Its Time To Update Your SEO Working Style

Search engine optimization efforts of every organization do not result in a place on the first page of the search engine results against a specific set of keywords. There is immense competition as there are thousands of websites competing for a high rank on the search engine result pages. You need to analyze the results you achieve to gain insight into the shortcomings of your SEO strategy for a more result oriented effort. Results are achieved through a combination of initiatives along multiple lines. Google Panda update also needs to be factored in for a higher rank in Google’s search results. If your SEO initiatives have not got you the desired results as yet, you need to update your SEO methodology to fare better.

1. Experiment with emerging social networking platforms

Social media impact, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have by now found a place in the internet marketing and SEO initiatives of most organizations. This is because these social networking platforms boast of millions of users and have proved to be effective tools for marketing. Their importance in SEO stems from the quality of inbound links that can come from social networking portals. Explore beyond these platforms. Create a visually appealing campaign for Pinterest to get more inbound links for your website. Use pictures that are worthy of repins.

2. Pay attention to the quality of your website

The impact of the quality of your website is even more now as the Panda update comes into play to determine the rank of websites on search engine result pages. Content forms the core of this. Make sure that the content is original and is updated regularly. Provide for a search function and a site map. Pay attention the user experience as a whole.

3. Update the list of keywords

As all your SEO initiatives focus on making a website rank higher on search engine result pages against a specific set of keywords, the list of keywords needs to be updated in keeping with the business needs. Make sure you opt for the right set of keywords to attract people from your target customer segment through organic search results.

4. Make sure the page descriptions are appropriate

A well directed SEO strategy is likely to make your website rank higher on the search engine result pages but your effort need not end here. Use suitable page descriptions to persuade information seekers to click on the link. People click on a link in the search results only when the page description meets their requirements.

5. Analyze your link building methodologies

Social networking platforms add to your inbound link repertoire but it is not enough. Place links to your website on sites related to your industrial domain. The number of good quality inbound links to your website plays a huge role in the success of your SEO initiatives.

Search engine optimization has a telling impact on the success of your internet marketing campaign. Product visibility and conversion rates for a business in the virtual domain depend on the effect that your SEO efforts manage to create. Change is an essential in keeping with the results obtained. Even a successful strategy needs to be changed with time to avoid failure. Changes are inevitable for a strategy that fails to give results.

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