Interview with Jeff Fritz on Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014

Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014 has been released with controls for the development of Xamarin, Windows Universal in addition to enterprise enhancements for desktop and web. The latest release also adds Adaptive RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX specially built for mobile.

Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014

Learnxpress had a chat with Jeff Fritz, ASP.NET Developer Advocate, Telerik to know more about the features included with Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014.

Learnxpress: Can you share with us the benefits of Telerik UI for Xamarin from the developer point of view?

The Telerik UI for Xamarin brings the familiar Telerik APIs and user interface experience to the Xamarin environment.  We heard many of our customers express interest in being able to bring our amazing WPF, Windows 8, and Windows Phone capabilities to their Xamarin-based projects.  We believe that Telerik provides the best development experience regardless of the environment that you are targeting, and decided to start building controls for our customers working within the Xamarin framework.

Learnxpress: I understand that Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014 consist of new native UI controls? Can you name them?

We have Native controls for iOS, Android, and Windows Universal. For iOS and Android we offer a chart, calendar, and controls that integrate with our AppFeedback offering

In Windows Universal we offer 9 universal controls:

  1. Autocompletebox
  2. Chart
  3. HubTile
  4. BusyIndicator
  5. DataBoundListBox
  6. Rating
  7. Calendar
  8. DatePicker
  9. TimePicker

And 9 Windows 8.1 only controls:

  1. BulletGraph
  2. Grid
  3. Pagination
  4. Data Storage
  5. Map
  6. Radial Menu
  7. Gauge
  8. NumericBox
  9. Slider

Learnxpress: Can I make use of native UI controls available with Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014 for web development?

No. The native controls run natively on the operating systems that they target. We offer other controls for ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, and JavaScript development in the browser.

Learnxpress: Do the new native UI controls provide support for Windows 7?

No, we continue to offer our UI for Winforms and UI for WPF that support the Windows Desktop model of applications. These products continue to see new features added and fixes applied to ensure they provide a best-in-class experience for our customers.

Learnxpress: What are the differences between Adaptive RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX and Telerik RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX?

They are the same.  The Adaptive RadGrid is a mobile-optimized HTML rendering for the very popular RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX. We have been rolling out mobile optimized and HTML 5 optimized renderings for all of our ASP.NET AJAX controls. With these alternate renderings available, our customers can continue to work with the same server-side APIs and deliver to their users the same experience they have always expected, but optimized for a mobile device or for a modern browser.

Learnxpress: How do enterprise enhancements for desktop and web benefit developers?

Our enterprise enhancements provide ease of working with Word, Excel, and PDF renderings of content. Instead of a requirement to have Microsoft Office installed to generate and manipulate the content of these files, developers can use our Document Processing library to be able to work with those documents efficiently.

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