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Jelastic Now Available on Azure

Jelastic, leading cloud solution is now available in Azure as Jelastic Hybrid cloud and Virtual Private cloud. If you don’t know Jelastic is a multilingual PaaS solution that supports Java and other popular programming languages such as PHP and Ruby.

With the help of the recent development, Jelastic platform is available for automatic and seamless installation on top of Azure, which provides an effective and reliable method to tap into the cloud environment.

With the help of Azure marketplace, developers will be able to create the Jelastic Orchestrator in the Azure cloud with support for Bring your own License. The image enables you to install dedicated Jelastic Virtual Private Cloud on Azure very easily.

Jelastic on Azure

As soon as the private cloud environment is setup, you will be able to deploy and manage applications on Azure just like you would on any other cloud platform. You wll be then able to deploy a Java, Ruby, Python or a .NET application to Azure by going through the tutorials. You can also extend the private cloud environment to Azure by creating Hybrid PaaS on Azure.

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Jelastic Hybrid PaaS on Azure

Jelastic Virtual Private Cloud on Azure

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