Katana 3 Adds New Features for Enterprise Development

Katana 3, Microsoft’s Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) implementation has been released with support for .NET 4.5 async-await model. It also introduces a new set of middlewares to support enterprise grade authentication and claims based identity via standard protocols enabling you to easily integrate with Azure Active Directory and ADFS.

“The new middleware follows a proven extensibility model, which grants you the ability to customize every stage of the authentication pipeline while maintaining an extremely simple programming model for the default cases”, said Vittorio Bertocci, Microsoft.

As of the time of this writing, Katana 3 provides support for WS-Federation, OpenId Connect and OAuth2 bearer token authentication for Web API protocols. The latest release also includes bug fixes related to Twitter and Google API changes.


“If you were holding back from using those packages given their pre-release status, you can now deploy in production with confidence”, mentions Bertocci in his blog post.

Microsoft has created sample applications to demonstrate the features included with both Katana 3 in addition to the steps required to integrate Katana 3 for Azure AD and ADFS into your projects.

Howard Dierking, Program Manager, Azure Application Platform and Tools team has published a detailed article on Project Katana, which examines all the relevant aspects related to Katana with screenshots and source code along with comprehensive explanation.


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