Kentico 8.1 Adds Live Tiles, Enhanced LinkedIn and SharePoint Integration

Kentico 8.1 ships with a wide range of new features such as live tiles on the dashboard, coupon support for e-commerce sites. The new release of the award winning CMS includes improved LinkedIn and SharePoint integration.

Kentico 8.1 includes animated live tiles on the dashboard which looks similar to that of Windows 8 tiles. You will be able to drag and drop the tiles with the ability to add/remove tiles. It is also possible to create your own live tiles for custom modules as well.

Kentico 8.1 Live Tiles

Kentico 8.1 ships with support for creation of discount coupons with which you can create unique coupon codes for your customers. They will be able to redeem it during the purchase process. This feature is applicable only if your site is e-commerce enabled.

Kentico 8.1 Coupons

If you had worked with Kentico 8, you will know that LinkedIn integration was purely based upon authentication method. With the help of Kentico 8.1, you will be able to create your own LinkedIn App.

It provides an ability to post to your company’s profile through the Module itself. You can also work with LinkedIn via an Advanced Workflow for automatically publishing content to other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In order to work with this feature, you need to create an App on the LinkedIn developer’s site. After that you need to register it in Kentico.

You will also be able to view a detailed statistics of your LinkedIn profile from within your Kentico dashboard

With the help of Kentico 8.1, you will be able to register one or more SharePoint connections to SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online. You will be able to connect multiple webparts on multiple templates to the SharePoint App Connection. Kentico 8.1 also has a new version of the SharePoint data source webpart.

Kentico 8.1 SharePoint

Kentico has provided a detailed list of all features on the product roadmap page.

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