Kentico CMS 4.1 was released and the Trees for bugs initiative launched

The new Kentico CMS version 4.1 was released delivering all that was promised, plus adding some "extras" – the "Trees for bugs” initiative and the announcement of 7-Days Bug Fixing policy. Since today, for each bug found by our clients in the 4.1 version of Kentico CMS, one tree will be planted. We also promise that each bug will be fixed within 7 business days from the day we have enough information to reproduce it. While bug submissions for the "Trees for bugs" initiative will be closed by the end of October 2009, the 7-days bug fixing policy will remain for all future versions of Kentico CMS.

For both Trees for Bugs and 7-Days Bug Fixing Policy, we count only bugs that cannot be easily workarounded and that do not allow usage of some particular feature. Examples:

•The document cannot be saved correctly – bug
•The document cannot be saved correctly when using Kentico CMS API, but this can be workarounded by using some other method that works well – not a "bug" for this purpose
•The New document icon is not displayed correctly in Firefox 2.5.1 – not a "bug" for this purpose

Of course, we will fix all bugs reported, but the "minor bugs" will be fixed in the next release (version 5.0 at the end of 2009).

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