Unique unforgettable memory which I can’t forget

Memories are real treasures which exist for all. In fact, we live every day with some kind of memory. However, there are few memories which will last for a long time.

I had a chance to spend time with my brother’s daughter, Vib in 2015. She quickly scribbled a caricature of me and it looked great. She is a good painter and she created a wide range of drawings using both crayons and water color. I still preserve a copy of her drawing book which she used to use during her childhood days.

My brother’s daughter is a great orator and goes on talking for a long time without any stoppages. I asked her how to keep showcase clean and she continuously talked for over 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, she also talked about the democrat and republican parties in United States. She also talked about the upcoming US elections as well. My father got surprised when he saw a 7th grade student speaking like a famous orator.

During her childhood days, she used to cry a lot to watch Television and tell something like – Ju all the times. I told her that I can still remember them and she was excited. I still remember all the good memories from her childhood days.

During her last visit, she wanted to get all the old school materials which my brother used during his school days. Firstly, I told her that they are all old materials and will be full of dust. But she was adamant to get all the materials. Finally, I managed to retrieve few record books and notes, which she read with great interest.

She also told that she will climb up to the slabs to fetch old materials. I was surprised about her love for old materials and this has prompted me to gather as many old school or college materials.

Her actions motivated me to collect old material from the shelves and preserve it somehow. I managed to recover old DVDs which were lying deep under the shelves. I had destroyed my old college books few years back but I now realize how valuable they are.

I showed my old diary to my brother’s daughter and she was very excited to read the content on it and also asked questions. She also asked if there is any more material and I told her that I will dig deeper to find something for her during her next visit.

Fortunately, I managed to get my old Chemistry text book from the shelves and have kept it in a safe place so that I can give the book to her during her upcoming visit. I am sure the book will be useful for her studies.

I only spent time with my brother’s daughter for few days but I am unable to forget the memories.


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