Microsoft.ASPNET.Facebook 1.1 Adds Safari Support

Microsoft.ASPNET.Facebook 1.1 has been released officially on the NuGet gallery. The core feature of the new build is the addition of support for Safari browser.

The latest release of Microsoft.ASPNET.Facebook 1.1 provides an ability for the developers to add custom logic for browsers that do not have cookies enabled.

Some of the other new features included with Microsoft.ASPNET.Facebook 1.1 are as follows

  • CannotCreateCookieRedirectPath Configuration
  • OnCannotCreateCookies Hook
  • Set permissionContext.Result to null
  • Redirect to an action
  • Do NOT set permissionContext.Result to ShowPrompt
  • Enabling consistent behavior with cookie enabled browsers

You can find detailed explanation of each one of the above features on the official blog post.

Microsoft will also release the new Visual Studio template specially developed for Microsoft.ASPNET.Facebook 1.1. You will find Visual Studio templateĀ for version 1 from the official page.

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