Microsoft Azure Gets Bettter with New India Regions, Security Center and IoT Suite

Microsoft made several announcements in the recently held AzureCon event. This includes availability of 3 new Azure regions in India, new N-series of Virtual Machines with GPU capabilities, Azure IoT Suite available to purchase, Azure Container Service and Azure Security Center.

Announcing General Availability of 3 new Azure regions in India Mumbai (West), Chennai (South) and Pune (Central). As of the time of this writing, there are over 24 Azure regions across the world, which is more than AWS and Google. According to official sources, as many as 125 customers, stakeholders and partners have been participating in the private preview of our new India regions. The customers are from industry sectors like Public Sector, Banking Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare.

Microsoft has announced new N-series family of Azure Virtual Machines that enable GPU capabilities. The Virtual Machines include NVidia’s Tesla GPUs which enable you to run a wide range of workloads ranging from remote visualization to machine learning to analytics.

Microsoft Azure Gets Bettter with New India Regions, Security Center and IoT Suite

Azure Security Center provides great visibility and control of the security of your Azure resources, and helps you stay ahead of threats and attacks. It is the first ever cloud platform to provide unified security management with capabilities that help you prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Azure IoT Suite provides wide range of new opportunities for organizations to improve operations, become more efficient at what they do and create new revenue streams. According to official sources, companies such as Rockwell Automation and ThyssenKrupp Elevators are already connecting data and devices to solve business problems and improve their operations.

I will discuss more about Azure IoT suite and Azure Container Service in the next article.

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