Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer Released with Voice Support

Microsoft Azure has been upgraded with a new speech recognition service named Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer. It is launched as a result of a Microsoft Research project called MAVIS.

The Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer service enable users to index and search their audio and visual files based on the words that are spoken in them. It listens to content and extracts keywords as metadata.

Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer service enables users to discover content. It also helps content authors to organize their digital libraries. Microsoft is planning to release the service in languages other than English.

“It also wouldn’t be surprising to see these capabilities come to Bing, if they’re not there in some capacity already”, reports Gigaom.

Along with Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer, Microsoft also released following new features

  • Public preview of Live Streaming and Content Protection offering
  • Static and dynamic encryption with first party PlayReady license delivery
  • AES 128-bit key delivery service
  • Faster encoding speeds
  • Cost effective billing
  • Integration of Telestream’s Wirecast, Newtek’s Tricaster and Cires 21 into Microsoft Azure
  • Integration of JW player

In 2008, Google implemented index of political personalities. It enabled users to search and watch their speech videos by keyword. If you are a YouTube user, you can use the service to add automated captions to videos.

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