Microsoft Modifies Nokia Brand to Microsoft Lumia

Do you have Nokia Lumia Windows Phone? You will not call your favourite Lumia phone as Nokia Lumia after a month or so. Instead you will call it as Microsoft Lumia. The next time you step in to purchase a Lumia series phone, you will see Microsoft Lumia on the shelves of your electronics dealer.

Lumia series Windows smartphones will not be called as Nokia Lumia. It will be Microsoft Lumia since Microsoft has taken over control of Nokia smartphone business.

Microsoft Lumia will be the same phone as currently available on the market except there will be Microsoft embossed on the front and back side.

Lumia series will be yet another addition to XBox and Surface line of Microsoft branded devices. You can expect Lumia phones in revised packages within the next one month.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has unveiled a rough sketch of the new branding without Nokia. Microsoft will make use of its name on the front and rear of future Lumia devices in a simple replacement of the Nokia branding.

Microsoft Lumia

According to official sources, existing websites and social network accounts of Nokia will now be transitioned over to the Microsoft Lumia branding in the coming days.

Microsoft Lumia New Cover

Microsoft will continue to sell Nokia branded basic phones since it has 10 year license. However, it seems unlikely that new basic phones will be introduced in the near future since there will be a heavy push for Windows Phones.

“Microsoft will continue to sell Nokia-branded, entry-level category of phones, such as the Nokia 130,” explains Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft.

However, it remains to be seen as to whether existing Nokia service centres will continue to provide support for Lumia phones after the changeover.

Right now, budget friendly Lumia phones are available on the market. Learnxpress is keenly watching for any development which leads to increase in prices after rebranding the phone to Microsoft Lumia.


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