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I recently tested out new product named Miracle Traffic Bot developed by Paul Ponna and his team. The software was marketed through targeted e-mails among bloggers and ships with three features. You will be able to submit articles to various article directories including bookmarking to various social media sites and also submit videos to sites such as Youtube. The download process is similar to that of other similar products but the license is tied to the email which you used to purchase the product.

I feel that the Miracle Traffic Bot is a very nice piece of software which can fully automate submissions.  I noticed few problems with its functioning even though there are no programming errors. I could only submit articles to 6 out of 10 listed article directories. However, the submission process was very fast and powerful and I liked the style of functioning.

I wish I had around 50 article directories with automated account creation engine. I would suggest you to submit 10% rewritten content to each article directory to avoid duplicate posts. The software never asked me to enter CAPTCHA key during article submission process but I provided them during social bookmarking process.

As far as bookmarking is concerned, the product submits to around 9 out of 10 sites. This is because one social bookmarking site requires .EDU mail which is difficult to obtain for a normal user. In fact only educational institutions will be able to get an email id with .edu prefix. Hence, the featured social media site is irrelevant as far as bloggers are concerned.

The downside of Miracle Traffic Bot is that you will not be able to add any extra article submission or social bookmarking sites. I expected features such as automatic account creation and you are restricted to what is included with the software. I also feel that submitting to  limited number of high profile social media sites will be ideal rather than posting links to 90+ sites.

Moreover, you have to pay $77 to obtain a license and spend extra $37 per month to continue the usage of premium version. But you can cancel the recurring billing with click bank and continue to use the product with the default features.

The vendor also claims that you will get 2 free sites per month added to the product for the cost you paid and also retain the premium features such as automatic CAPTCHA generation while submitting to article directories.

I haven’t tested the video submission feature and hence can’t disclose any facts. The product does its job very well as you can view the real status of submissions through the log.

Final Verdict

The software will be very useful for new bloggers who wish to get traffic at a slow pace. I would recommend the product for you if you are looking for a mini product. In fact there is a competing product named Social Bookmarking Demon with over 100 sites but you need patience to enter secret code for around 50 sites.

From my point of view, Miracle Traffic Bot is not a scam product and it is real which lacks few features meant for advanced bloggers. If you feel that the product meets your requirements then you can purchase Miracle Traffic Bot by visiting https://learnxpress.com/miracletrafficbot.html

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