NamespaceType Property Added to Azure

Microsoft has announced changes to the Create Namespace Service Bus PowerShell cmdlet and Create Namespace REST API. The cmdlet ships with Azure PowerShell.

Microsoft has also introduced a NamespaceType property. If you make use of cmdlets or REST API to create a namespace, then you will be able to contain both Notification hub and Messaging entities such as Queues, Topics, Relay and Event Hub.

“This was done, as indicated in the previous post, to allow customers to gradually transition off and start providing NamespaceType explicitly.” said Piyush Joshi, Program Manager, Azure Mobile.

In order to contain a Notification Hub via PowerShell or REST API you should follow the steps below

  1. Explicitly set the NamespaceType property to “NotificationHub”
  2. Create two namespaces – one to house Notification Hubs and another for messaging entities.
  3. Set the NamespaceType property to “Messaging”.

In order to explicitly set the NamespaceType to create a namespace to contain a NotificationHub you should provide the code given below


PowerSehll Command - Notification Hub


RESTAPI Command - Notification Hub

The above mentioned changes will be applicable only from October 26. Microsoft encourages developes to provide feedback for improvement.

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