Nokia 100 – Handy Phone for All Ages

I was on a lookout for a handy backup mobile and I found Nokia 100. The phone consists of a large 1.8 Inch screen with an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery. Nokia 100 Mobile is a great handy backup phone which fits into the shirt pockets. You can insert a single SIM on the phone which is sufficient for normal usage.

Nokia 100 features an easy to use alphanumeric keypad which enables you to work with the phone easily. I found it very easy to toggle between alphabets and numbers. The display is small but it is enough for general usage. You can easily store and search contacts with the help of Nokia 100.

Android smartphones eats up battery and you need to charge the device daily. However, Nokia 100 will last four full days with minimum usage. Hence, the phone will be ideal if you are going for a tour or picnic. Moreover, Nokia 100 can be fully charged within an hour using a power bank.

Nokia 100 is manufactured with the help of sturdy materials. I dropped the phone several times and it worked without any problems after that. The phone measures only 78 grams and it is very much light in weight. The phone has a capacity to store up to 500 contacts.

Nokia 100

In Android smartphones, you have to slide the rotating icon when you get a call in order to talk. This will be difficult in case if you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is naturally difficult to slide when you are doing a specific job. Nokia 100 enables you to answer a phone call by pressing the button on the keypad.

I noticed that there is a reduction in call quality when you talk outside where there are disturbances such as vehicle sounds and music playback. I feel that this is due to the placement of speakers on the back of the device. It would be helpful if Nokia release a new version of this phone with speakers on side or top so that there will be minimal disturbances when you talk at a loud environment.

Nokia 100 doesn’t consist of a slot for external memory card. Hence, all your contacts will be stored in the internal memory which is low on this device. You can also store contacts in your SIM card but that also consist of low memory. I would appreciate if Nokia manufacture a new version with a slot for memory card.

I also feel that Nokia should increase the display size since many people like bigger displays. Moreover, a big display will be comfortable for senior citizens and elderly mothers who make use of Nokia 100 to communicate with their kids. The phone also includes a headphone jack and FM radio. You need to connect the headset provided on the package to enjoy streaming FM radio.

The package consists of Nokia 100 handset, charger and instruction manual. The charger is a simple one and you can easily connect to the AC power. Nokia provides a screen guard pasted on the device. However, the quality of the guard is not satisfactory. It automatically got peeled off within five months of usage. I would appreciate if Nokia provides a storage cover so that the phone can be stored safely.

Nokia 100 is an excellent mobile phone for those users who require a device without any disturbances. The phone will be very useful for senior citizens since they can operate the device very easily. However, Nokia should provide a facility to increase the font size of the phone so that old age people can view the contents without eye strain.

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