Optimism and Hope for the Future

I suffered first Epilepsy attack when I was 12 years old. I was treated at a reputed hospital in Trivandrum owned by Government of India, which is specialized for Neurology. I still remember those days. I have to be in the hospital around 8 AM so that I will get ticket to consult a doctor.

The nurses who used to provide tickets will always smile. I have seen their smiles for a period of six years. Hence, I always thought that I will get cured without any major complications.

In fact the entire hospital staff will smile whenever I along with my father approach them with a request. My father told me that I will be cured because their smiles indicates ray of hope.

My doctor will arrange a meeting of all Epilepsy patients once in every six months. I still remember his name. He used to talk in a very humorous manner and the entire patients will laugh.

I used to forget about my disease whenever I hear his speech. I used to ask him if there is any possibility of getting Epilepsy attack again. My doctor used to smile and assured me that there is a least possibility if I follow his instructions.

I also consulted a reputed doctor who is specialized in Physical Medicine. This is because I suffered from joint pain because of the medicinal side effects. He told me that I need not require any medicines with a smile and asked me to perform few exercises. He also asked me to be positive and optimistic which ultimately cured my problem.

I still remember those days when my Grand Father used to laugh at me when I visit them each year. In fact, he will carry myself and my cousins and tell stories with a smile. I know those lovely days will never come back again but my Grand Father’s smile will never erase from my mind. I feel his smile will bring hope when I face any problems in life.

In 1997 I was hospitalized with tummy pain. I felt a ball like object inside my abdomen. I thought it will be something bad. I was assigned to a surgeon. He came with a big smile.

He asked me about my studies. He realized that my mother tongue is Tamil and started to speak in Tamil language instead of Malayalam. I asked him whether I will be cured. He told me to be positive and will do all possible effort to cure the problem.

In 1998, I went to join a reputed computer center to learn Java. I was surprised to see my old friend – Ramdas there. He was my classmate in college (Pre-Degree course) after 10’th standard. He asked me several things with a nice smile and laugh. I completely forgot about my illness whenever I used to talk with him. In fact, he was one of the co-owner of the institute and hence I had a privilege to see him every day.

In 2000, I joined a computer center as faculty to teach BIT course. This is because I love teaching. I was assigned to teach initial batch of students. Nearly, all students in my class used to talk in a jovial manner with big smiles.

After three months, my students went to talk about the internal politics and little bit love affairs inside the institute and this evoked big smiles across all faces. I completely forgot about my past illness whenever I interact with my students.

In fact, my student, Ajo George managed to collect my address from the office and mailed me New Year greetings for myself and also to my parents. He was very affectionate. He will smile whenever he used to talk during class sessions, which enable me to teach in a positive manner.

In 2002, I was recognized with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award and I accepted it with a big smile. My Manager talked to me and told this matter with a big laugh. He always ask me to stay positive even if I face bad times.

I used to get a big box with certificate and goodies, which certainly provided a ray of hope for the next one year. In 2011, my MVP renewal application was not accepted but I accepted the bad news with a smile. I certainly feel that this smile will turn into hope and I will be again inducted into the MVP club in the near future.

In 2004, my brother was blessed with a girl child. Her arrival brought smiles on my life even though I was again hospitalized around that time again due to tummy pain. She used to put her thumb on her mouth with a smile and I always think about it on the hospital bed. She will also hide somewhere during childhood and will show up with a big smile and shout.

Right now, my neighbour is having a 5 year old child. She used to shout and then laugh with a big smile whenever I used to meet her. I don’t know the reason behind her big smile but it definitely motivates me to be optimistic.

I am a big fan of Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran Season 3 telecasted by Asianet from Monday – Thursday between 8 PM to 9 PM. The show is being anchored by Suresh Gopi, who is a famous Malayalam Super Star. He always greets with a salute followed by a huge smile.

He also tells short positive stories which prompt me to stay calm even if there are failures. I am watching him on Television but still his smile provides some sort of positive energy. I am sure his stories will help me to stay positive and optimistic in case if I suffer any illness or setbacks in future.

As far as my life is concerned, smiles played a pivotal role and it certainly provides a ray of hope for the future.

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