Overcome Fear with Confidence

Life is indeed a big challenge. In order to achieve success in life, you have to take risks. You will have to take risks right from your school days.

I studied in a school which has imposed severe restrictions. I used to study well but for some reason my teachers used to get angry with me. My principal was also strict. I was an average student in class 10.

However, my school principal told me nearly 5 months before state board exams that they got set of books from state education department. He also told me that it will be useful for my exams. He also showed me a sample.

I had to take a risk here. I was asked to pay Rs 200/- to purchase a set of 12 books. We all know how much value Rs 200/- has nearly 20 years back. I told my parents about this and they were bit reluctant to give me Rs 200 since he wants to save money.

My parents feared that Rs 200 will be lost in case if I perform badly in board examinations.

He told that I can study with school notes and text books. However, I told him that I require those books. My father gave me the amount and using that I purchased the books from my school. I still remember my principal told me to pick the books myself.

I prepared for my state board exams with the help of those books. I was poor with Biology. I scored only 25 marks in school level examinations. However, I studied all lessons with the help of the book I mentioned above.

I was able to write the biology paper without any difficulty. I got 43/50 marks, which helped me to secure a first class.

I would not have got those marks if I had not taken a risk to request my father to give Rs 200.

After schooling, I entered college but I had to join St. Xaviers College, which is nearly 2 hours from my home. I was allocated to commerce group since my marks doesn’t allow me to join Science group.

However, I was not satisfied and wanted to join Science since I had interest in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I applied to another college near my home and got selected to commerce group. After some time, I came to know that there is an option to migrate to first group (PCM).

I applied without informing my parents and got admission. It was a big risk since it involved practical classes. However, I was able to study well and passed out without any problem.

If I had not taken the risk and lived with fear then I would not know whether I would have got good marks in commerce.


The next big phase in my life is 3 year degree course. I opted to study B.Com since I wanted to prove myself that I will do well in this stream as well. Moreover, I decided to avoid college study and picked distance education. My friends told me at that time that I will not be able to study well in distance mode.

However, I took a risk and joined. The distance education center was attached to the University and they supplied books. I also attended contact classes and also joined a nearby parallel college. The entire three year journey towards the goal of a degree course was a big fun.

I was able to secure first class in B.Com without any difficulty. I have shown to the world that distance education is a great way to learn and will become a reality in future.

I hadtaken a risk by avoiding college and it got positive results.

After few years, I got a job as faculty in a computer education center for a small salary. I enjoyed the work. However, I got another job with a private bank. The manager called to my house and informed me to join.

My parents told me that bank job is safer than a faculty job. However, I took a risk and decided to retain the job of computer faculty since I loved the job very much even though the salary was less.

I quit the job after 2 years since I would like to work as a freelancer. My parents told me that freelancing at home is risky and income will not be steady every month.

However, I continued to work as a freelancer and was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award after 5 months. I retained the award for over 9 years.

Yes. Freelancing is not a stable job but I love the work I do. I have a fear when I check my inbox daily but even if I lose job I will not be disappointed and work positively.

I am always prepared to take risk. I am sure fear will automatically go away if you accept ups and downs in life with confidence.

If you have confidence, you can attain anything in life without any fear.


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