Pagemodo Gets Better with Professional Themes, Responsive Themes and Improved Social Marketing Tools

If you run a business the profitability depends upon how you promote your products and services effectively. This is where you should make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your business. By default, the social media account pages will not include engaging user interface to attract users.

With the help of Pagemodo, you can create visually appealing cover photos, which will be displayed on the top of your Facebook page with the possibility to create images for your Twitter and LinkedIn profile pages.



The user interface displays a dashboard using which you can edit, test besides adding shapes, themes and logo. By default, Pagemodo provides plenty of theme images to choose from. You only need to select an image and add content simply by editing the respective fields inside the editor.

You can either rearrange them to any other place simply by drag and drop technique or even delete the fields if not required. Pagemodo enables you to directly publish the cover photo to your Facebook page as soon as you complete the editing work.


An interesting point to note with regard to Pagemodo is that you need not have to purchase costly utilty software such as Photoshop. You can do all editing work from within Pagemodo dashboard, which I hope will be a big bonus for individuals and small scale business owners.

The latest release of Pagemodo ships with the following features

  1. Professional and customizable themes
  2. Easy-to-use shape and text editor
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. Custom design export
  5. Preview and publish to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

In addition to cover photo, you can also create post from within the dashboard besides addition of themes, photos, status updates, normal and seasonal quotes.


You can connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts by selecting the relevant options from the Post Settings tab. “Social media is absolutely essential to the small business, and using photos in social posts results in better engagement,” says Alfredo Ramos, Director of Social Products at Webs.

From my point of view, Pagemodo will be suitable for individuals and small scale business establishments who want to popularize their presence in social media space.

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