Password Reset Disk in Windows 7 with Pen Drive or Floppy Disk

We, human beings and are prone to forget crucial information such as login password. You will not be able to recollect the password when you require it especially if you are using your PC after a long period of time. Hence, it is recommended to take precautionary steps during the initial stages itself by creating password reset disk in Windows 7.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create a password reset disk.

You should format and insert either a new Pen Drive or a Floppy Disk before proceeding further.

(1) Navigate to Control Panel (Start | Control Panel)

(2) Select User Accounts

(3) Click the link titled Create a password reset disk from the navigation panel on the left side. You will view a screen as shown below

Figure 1


The following message box will be displayed if you attempt to create a password reset disk without inserting a drive/disk.

Figure 2


(4) Click Next button and select the Removable Disk option as shown below

Figure 3


(5) Enter your current password for the user

(6) You will view the progress indicator as shown below

Figure 5


(7) Click Finish button from the wizard and Windows will burn a file either to a removable USB disk or a floppy disk.

Figure 6


When you forget the password, you simply need to insert the password reset disk which you created now during the booting phase and Windows will automatically prompt you to enter a new password.

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