Pluralsight Adds Extended Training to Compensate outage

Pluralsight, popular e-learning service provider based in Utah, United States faced an unscheduled outage on Monday, September 8, 2014.

“Due to problems with our servers, our website and courses were temporarily unavailable for several hours on Monday, September 8th,” mentions Pluralsight in an e-mail delivered to its customers.

Pluralsight has apologized for the inconvenience caused as a result of the outage and had already taken remedial measures to resolve the issue. As of the time of writing this news report, their servers and systems were back to normalcy.

Pluralsight has attributed to the recent outage due to loading issues as a result of its rapid growth.

PRE This issue didn’t result in any data loss but rather affected our server from reading data properly. Our technical team was able to retain all data, fix the problem, and re-launch our server with no further issues.

Pluralsight is not anticipating that this problem will occur again in future. According to official sources, technical team worked round the clock to resolve the issue quickly as soon as it got reported. The team also learned a lot during this process which enables them to defend against this type of glitch in future.

The nice management team at Pluralsight headed by Aaron Skonnard has decided to compensate their customers for the unscheduled outage. As part of the compensation plan, you will be credited full one day of training to your actual expiry date.

For instance, if the existing Pluralsight subscription expiry date is February 16, 2015, your revised expiry date will be February 17, 2015.

“This extra day will be added to your subscription expiration date with the next 48 hours from the date of the receipt of this e-mail. You do not have to take any action – it will automatically happen,” said Pluralsight in an e-mail release.

Pluralsight also confirmed that all the personal information of their learners including login credentials are not compromised since there were no security threats or breaches during the outage.

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