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Nevron Software, front-ranker in enterprise and scientific data visualization technology announces the long-expected new major release of .NET Vision – professional data visualization set of charting and diagramming controls.

“Our data visualization set of controls or parts of it are currently applied by tens of thousands corporate, scientific and government users in more than 80 countries worldwide" said Ivo Milanov – Nevron Executive. "These customers give preference to functionality and dedicated support so their applications are finished in time and performing as needed."

One of the great improvements of Nevron Diagram is the Diagram Maps support. With the new Map Import capability of the Diagram users now can import ESRI shape files with support for various types of projections. The ESRI import can easily be extended to include custom data formatting. The Diagram Maps also support zooming and labeling of geo points, independent of the zoom factor.

Several other improvements such as automatic import of tree and graph data structures from tabular data sources, improvements in the DOM and Layouts are also present as well as new predefined shapes.

Nevron Chart also offers variety of novelties throughout this feature rich product. Mixing 2D and 3D charting types in one chart control is now available. Several improvements are added to chart visibility by automatic walls visibility, controllable visibility and tick style of labels and dynamic axis docking zone depending on the user viewpoint so that they do not obscure the chart content. Ring, Smooth Edge Ring and Cut Edge Ring styles are added to Pie Chart series and new functionality is added to Radar and Polar Chart series. Light Model has also been improved.

Common improvements for the .NET Vision framework are the compatibility with IIS7, dynamic controls resizing in AJAX mode, JavaScript Library size optimization and JavaScript Library full code reference to be used for custom development, as well as a rich set of JavaScript diagnostic utilities for developers.
The above is just a part of the variety of improvements to Nevron data visualization set of controls. More information is available at Nevron website. The full power of this product is making it a preferred choice for .NET professionals that need data visualization for any kind of financial, scientific and other types of applications.

About Nevron Software
Nevron has been the pathfinder company for the component based data visualization technology. Today Nevron is a synonym of premium quality in terms of product abilities, usability and customer support. The company portfolio includes the most advanced Charting and Diagramming components for .NET, which aim to provide data visualization and presentation capabilities that are not to be matched. Nevron Data Visualization controls for ASP.NET and Windows Forms are of the highest quality, designed by professionals for professionals.

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