Press release: The iMacros team releases Microsoft WebBrowser Control Replacement

Developers that are building .NET applications that interact with websites – e.g. for web automation, web testing, BPO process automation or web scraping – are often struggling to find a way to automate websites with the standard Microsoft WebBrowser control. Developed by iopus, a Heidelberg, Germany based company, the new iMacros Component for .NET is built with support for Ajax, Flash and Silverlight automation.

The iMacros Component is a .NET professional component that enables .NET developers to automate websites from their .NET applications (C#, VB.NET). A set of well-considered and clear API functions allows developers to automate form filling, data uploads and downloads, capturing screenshots, and extracting data from websites. The iMacros Component is the only web browser control that supports automating all Ajax functions (including HTML5), Flash and Silverlight.

The embeddable iMacros Component gives developers the ability to build their own .NET application with all of the power of the popular iMacros Browser in a few hours. The iMacros Component consists of a tabbed web browser control, a dialog manager, image recognition, DirectScreen technology for automating Flash and Silverlight, and all the other features available in the iMacros Browser. And just like the iMacros Browser, the component is 100% Internet Explorer compatible.

The iMacros Component can be used instead of the Microsoft WebBrowser control inside the application. iMacros takes care of all the low level web automation work (DOM handling, events, BHO, Windows hooks, etc.), so developers can concentrate on what really counts: The business case.

iMacros works with every website. Even the most complicated websites that use dialog boxes, frames, Javascript, Flash, Java and AJAX can be automated. Where other software fails, iMacros can automate it. iMacros is also the only solution that can automate Flash, Flex and Java applets.

The use of iMacros enforces clear separation of website related scripts and coding. If there are changes in the website, one only needs to change the iMacros scripts without any change in the code base. This results in extremely low maintenance costs. The component license includes royalty free distribution

You can read more about the iMacros Component for .NET and download a 30-day trial version with C# and VB.NET sample projects from

About iOpus Software

Founded in 2000, iOpus builds cost-effective software that is both powerful and easy to use. Its business products iMacros PRO and iMacros Scripting Edition are used by web developers, webmasters, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other IT professionals worldwide. You can download trial versions of these business products from

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