PriceBag Reveals Top Six Missing SmartPhone Features

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PriceBag recently conducted a survey among 455 people to analyze the top 6 missing features in smartphones. Nearly 13.04% of respondents voted for spam call feature, which enable users to turn on/off calls from selected numbers.

6 'Missing' smartphone features

Nearly, 4.35% of respondents to the PriceBag survey requested unread SMS option to be enabled so that they can mark selected messages as unread for future purpose. Suppose if you receive 25 SMS per day and you want to locate a particular SMS, you can mark them as unread so that you can easily locate them. Otherwise, you need to navigate each and every message.

6 'Missing' smartphone features

Imagine, you receive a message like you have won 2 million dollars. Do you want a feature which enables you to block messages based on the content or keyword? Nearly 4.35% of people voted for this feature to be included in the upcoming new smartphones in response to the survey conducted by PriceBag.

6 'Missing' smartphone features

Nearly 37% of respondents want their phone to be connected via WI-FI and Bluetooth since they need not have to depend upon the network provider. This feature will be handy if you need to make an important call and your mobile provider lines are all busy.

Why is it that we have to rely on our mobile carriers to talk to any person we want? Should this dependence not be cut down upon? What if you could call someone using Wifi and Bluetooth connections? That would have few advantages like (a) you will reduce your dependence on intercom networks at workplace or residence; (b) the connections would be faster and more reliable, reducing call drop rates and; (c) you will be able to talk for as long as you want without having to worry about racking up sky-high bills – mentions, Sanjeev Kumar, PriceBag.

“This is not about people will connect call through internet, this is about how people can connect call for 100-200 mt range by using bluetooth or Wifi”, said Kumar is response to an email query posted by Learnxpress.

Nearly, 24% of users requested a feature which enables them to make use of USB flash drives and dongles directly on their smartphones.

Do you want your smartphone to connect to two devices at a time via Bluetooth? You have to wait since 18% of respondents from 455 voters want this particular feature. As of now, you can establish connection to only one device at a time to share files/documents via Bluetooth. is the leading consumer price comparison site which provides information about latest smartphones, laptops and tablets. The site not only provides detailed overview of each product but also recommendations to enable you to decide on the purchase.

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