PureComponents Ultimate Suite V2009.1 for .NET WinForms

PureComponents released Ultimate Suite V2009.1 with a number of bug fixes and optimizations, the whole component suite is now more stable and faster. PureComponents Ultimate Suite V2009.1 is a complete set of enterprise quality components in the .NET WinForms market with 80 innovative controls including LightGrid, RichCalendar, GridCalendar, RibbonUI, TreeView, VisualExtender and many more.

Clock Control
Component for displaying either static or active time in an analog clock

DateTimePicker Control
The control for displaying and choosing the date and time. It consists of DatePicker and TimePicker controls. Date and time formats can be set. Comboboxes, Clock and Calendar can be styled.

GridCalendar Control
Calendar component for displaying larger time intervals with months displayed one below another in a grid. GridCalendar can be aligned in two ways – same weekdays in a column or the same date in a column.

MonthPicker Control
Combo box for displaying and choosing the month. When the drop down button is clicked, the MonthSelector component appears allowing to choose a single month. After clicking any month name the MonthSelector is closed and the value in the textboxt is updated. Value can also be entered directly in a textbox.

RichCalendar Control
Calendar component for displaying dates in weeks. It fills the given area with month calendars, recalculating the layout dynamically when resized.

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