Q&A with Andrew Savin on Stimulsoft Reports.JS

Stimulsoft Reports.JS enables you to generate reports using pure JavaScript and HTML5. It includes all the required components to design, edit and view reports. The component can be used in any JavaScript application which significantly expands the list of supported devices from desktop computers to mobile devices.

In an interview with Learnxpress, Andrew Savin, Manager, Stimulsoft Software shares more information about Stimulsoft the new features of Reports.JS.

Can you share the new features of Stimulsoft Reports.JS?

  • MySQL DataAdapter for Node.js
  • MS SQL DataAdapter for Node.js
  • Report variables
  • Support for data from OData, Excel, Firebird
  • The bar-codes support
  • UI localization into 30+ languages

What is the main purpose behind the creation of Stimulsoft Reports.JS?

Allow designing and displaying reports everywhere on any device and any platform. The server-side is not required. The product can work on any OS including Mac, Linux etc.

Can you share with us the kind of applications that can be developed using Stimulsoft Reports.JS?

This can be any app that uses reporting components. The thing is that Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a universal tool for creating reports.

Can you share with us the future roadmap of Stimulsoft Reports.JS?

The Dashboard component is what we are going to implement in the nearest future.

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