Interview with Jenny Keighley on QiLaunch

We recently covered an article about the new features of QiLaunch. In an exclusive interview with Learnxpress, Jenny Keighley, CEO, QiLaunch shared more information and insights about QiLaunch, which is the unique mobile interface set to revolutionize the way in which you interact with mobile.

Learnxpress: Can you explain the main purpose of QiLaunch?

Qi is blazingly fast and empowers consumers to zip to desired content on more of their devices. Quantum Interface (Qi) is expanding its motion-based interface architecture, implementing the technology in a launcher for Android smartphones and tablets. This new launcher utilizes the “Spread” module of Qi’s unique motion-based interface architecture platform. The Spread module instantly reveals multiple levels of menus with just one touch.

Learnxpress: What is the necessity of mobile launcher apps?

With QiLaunch, menus are no longer static; rather the user places a finger anywhere they designate on a touchscreen to launch a menu that is significantly faster and immensely easier than other interfaces. When the user’s finger moves toward a menu selection, the technology infers the choice and literally moves toward the user dynamically, revealing secondary menus and choices.

Learnxpress: What is the advantage of Spread module?

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to access something on your phone or tablet and having to tap, lift up, tap again, and swipe multiple times to find it or get to it. This is a slow and outdated way to navigate, and extremely inefficient. Our revolutionary interface provides a more immersive experience, presents key information the user wants and is exponentially faster than any other navigation interface now in use.

Learnxpress: Can you share with us when you will release other eight modules in the Qi Interface Architecture suite?

We take great pride in making sure our products are tested and ready to go before they are released. We plan to release the modules in a series and hope to have everything out by the end of year.

QiLaunch - Mobile Launcher

Learnxpress: How is QiLaunch different from other launchers?

It’s the only interface of it’s kind and nearly 3 times faster than anything else out there on the market. It offers a fluid, natural navigation experience.

Learnxpress: Can we install QiLaunch on Android tablets?

Yes, the app is for all Android mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Learnxpress: How does QiLaunch useful for wearables and IoT devices?

This exciting new interface from Quantum Interface (Qi) is just the tip of the iceberg and can be used with many applications including wearables, VR/AR and automotive market. Qi just recently completed the successful launch of its smartwatch app. Smart watches have small real estate and this solves the problem of scrolling to apps more quickly.

Learnxpress: Did your company had any talk with mobile companies to incorporate QiLaunch into new devices?

The interface will also soon be available to manufacturers wanting to build the Qi interface into their next-generation devices.

Learnxpress: Can all users be able to download QiLaunch from Play Store for free?

The beta is available for free now to a limited number of testers.

Learnxpress: Will you release QiLaunch full version on July 20?

The QiLaunch Android mobile app is now available in a private beta. To apply, visit

Learnxpress: How is your company funded?

Qi is a privately held company based in Austin, TX. The company is privately funded by angels, friends and family.

Learnxpress: How will you receive profits if the app is free?

This is not about a single app; we are introducing an entirely new interface that transforms how you interact with your devices and content. Our app is a demonstration of a completely new interface that can be embedded into any device. That means lots of manufacturers will find immense value in licensing with Qi.

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