HeatMap AdAptive

Stuart Wider has recently released a brand new theme codenamed HeatMap AdAptive. This theme is entirely separate from his award winning HeatMap theme.

According to Stuart, HeatMap AdAptive is a responsive WordPress theme inspired by Google Adsense placement recommendations. The theme has been designed for accurate rendering of your blog/site in not only PCs but also mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The basic version of this theme is available free of cost. You can download and install it in any number of your WordPress blogs. However, if you need more powerful features then you should purchase a Pro version of the theme which contains more features. Moreover, if you purchase a Pro membership of this theme then you will also get ClickMissile WordPress plugin, which enables you to insert ads in strategic locations such as middle of your content.

  • HeatMap AdAptive Pro version contains the following features
  • Support Direct from the developers
  • Lifetime Access to HeatMap AdAptive Pro updates
  • HeatMap AdAptive Pro Plugin (upgrades theme with extra features)
  • BONUS: Click Missile Ads Plugin (upgrades theme with extra ad placement features and mobile ad display features)
  • Click Missile ‘super’ ad widget
  • Display Mobile Ads when mobile visitor is detected
  • Additional sitewide layout options for home, pages and posts
  • Indvidually turn off display of menu bars
  • Indivdually turn off display of post date, author, categories, tags, comments and featured images
  • Custom CSS override option
  • One click theme credits removal

We installed both the theme and its Pro plugin within five minutes. We found that the learning curve for HeatMap AdAptive is less when compared to the original HeatMap theme.

You can easily turn off settings such as primary and secondary navigation bars, date, author name, categories, social media placements from the theme options page. The Ads can be placed using widgets.

Even though HeatMap AdAptive is created for Google Adsense, it can be used for any type of ad monetizing service. You just need to place the appropriate ad codes into the relevant positions.

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