Review – Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000 For Business

I recently purchased Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000 business headset to create video demonstrations for Learnxpress TV, my own video hosting portal. The headset ships in a brown box since it is oriented for business users. Hence, I found it easy to open and use the product without wasting too much time using sharp knives and blades.

Microsoft ships retail products in a red package which is sometimes hard to open.

The USB headset includes a sound controller which enables you to adjust volume. In order to work with Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000, you need to plug it into your USB port. Initially, it takes few minutes to install the required drivers. After that you can use the headphone.

Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000 For Business

Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000 is very comfortable to wear since both ear pads are extremely soft and cushioned. The head portion is also padded.

If you apply oil on the head and use the headphone you will see lot of oil on the pad, which is somewhat hard to clean.

The headset can be adjusted to fit your head by pulling the scale located on the left and right sides. However, if you remove the headphone the adjustable scale will fall down.

The Microphone included with the headset has noise cancelling properties which will cut the background noise to some extent. However, noise cancellation will not work if you record with ceiling fan running on the top of your room. The sound produced by the headset is adequate for all users.

I found it difficult to manage the volume control on the sound controller included with Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000. If I remove the headphone and use it after 2 days then I will have to again adjust the volume. Otherwise, nothing will be recorded. Hence, I would suggest you to always record a sample before doing a complete recording session.

Right now, I am using the headset for around 5 months. From my point of view, Microsoft should take proper precautions during the design phase since the rubber pads are broken down into several tiny black particles. There is a chance that the particles might enter mouth or ear during usage and will cause potential health hazards.

Microsoft Lifechat LX 6000 headset is currently available in few online stores for around Rs 2800 РRs 3300 which is bit higher compared to other competing headsets. However, I feel that the price is justified for the amount of comfort you experience upon using it. The only thing is that Microsoft should do stringent quality control measures to prevent breakage of pads as mentioned above.


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