Review: Seesmic for Windows

Nowadays, there is a growing trend among twitter users to make use of a third party software for twittering. There are many softwares available today but I could not find any product which suited my requirements. I had tested a software few days back but the interface was too dark.

seesmic, twitter I came to know that Seesmic ( has released Windows version of its popular social media tool and I decided to test drive it. It was released during the Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) which recently held in LA, USA and was well accepted by developers.

I had to complete a simple form to download the software. Even though the download file is only around 400 KB, the installer will download the updates and install it on to the system. However, I would suggest the developers to rename the installation file as seesmic.exe rather than just setup.exe. The installation was quick and I managed to get start with the software without any problems.

seesmic, twitter

The user interface has been mainly divided into three sections namely Home (direct feeds from your followers), Replies (Replies and Retweets) and Private (Direct messages from your followers). The final column displays the photos of those followers who have tweeted recently. I would like to see a feature with which the application hides as an icon on the taskbar when minimized. I hope the vendor will add this functionality in the next release of the product.

UPDATE: This review was written when I installed the product in Windows XP. I recently shifted to Windows 7 and found that the application automatically pins to the taskbar when minimized.

I hope the vendor will add more features such as ability to change skins in the next build of the product. With the normal interface, you have to scroll down a lot to view the messages posted. With Seesmic, the scrolling will not only be reduced to some extent but also will create a pleasant user experience. I feel that the software helps users to organize tweets more effectively and I am impressed with its functionalities.

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