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If you would like to keep your home clean, you should check out the article titled – 10 Simple Ways to Make Your House Look Cleaner Every Day, published under Home Decor section of Rewardme. You will learn the various aspects involved in making your house look cleaner and better. The author clearly examines the various aspects with the help of detailed explanation and pictures.

I very much liked the article since the author has clearly pointed out the importance of private and public spaces. This means you should keep all unwanted items away from the public place where visitors come and go every day. For instance, you can keep your garbage bag in your private bed room and not in the dining hall.

The article points out the usefulness of emptying the trash every night. If you kept a trash bucket on the kitchen, you should empty it every night so that the kitchen will be free of unwanted smells. The article mentions you to get rid of items which are not used regularly, which I feel is important.

The author mentions that you should get rid of unwanted paper items, practice sheets, tissue papers, sticky pads by throwing them out after usage. For instance, you write something on a sticky paper and found it after 15 days. You should store the data on it digitally and throw out the paper. You should follow this technique once in every week so that you need not have to work more after a month.

The article points out that you should set a timer to perform cleaning work. This will not only make your home clean but also provide some kind of work for your kids. From my point of view, you will be surprised after 10 or 15 minutes of cleaning work.

If you further read the article, you will understand that you should change daily newspapers and magazines from the table on the drawing room or sofa. I have a habit of keeping newspapers on the sofa. This article motivates me to perform cleaning work every day.

You should keep all the old newspapers and magazines in separate eco-friendly bags (not plastic bags – care for the environment) and keep them on the balcony of your home. When the bags reach full capacity, you can sell them to the nearby vessel shop in return for cash or a gift item for your kids.

The article is helpful because it prompts users to keep away items which are not used frequently. Moreover, the author hints at keeping separate mats inside and outside the front door. I hope this will prevent dust from entering your home. Finally, you will learn how to manage beds and toilet items.

The article is very interesting to read because the author has provided crisp coverage of content along with relevant pictures.

RewardMe has plenty of articles which are not only interesting to read but also provide great ideas. You will be able to learn various aspects involved with Health, Home, Fashion and much more with the help of lucid articles.

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