Service Bus 1.0 with Enterprise Messaging Capabilities

Microsoft announced the availability of Service Bus 1.0, which ships with advanced messaging capabilities. It brings cloud like environment to your Windows Server installation.

Microsoft recently released Service Bus 1.0 which enables you to incorporate enterprise messaging capabilities using Windows Server with features such as service bus queues, service bus topics and subscriptions.

With the help of service bus queues, you can either have the message receiver to process messages at their own pace or have multiple receivers accept messages from the same queue including the ability to store and retrieve messages with a choice of protocols and APIs.

On the other hand, service bus topics and subscriptions enable multiple subscribers to independently retrieve filtered or unfiltered views of the published message stream.

Service Bus 1.0 also ships with advanced messaging features such as detection of duplicate messages, scheduled message delivery and performance optimization using asynchronous calls.

Microsoft plans to sync Service Bus 1.0 with Windows Azure Service Bus which allows you to make use of a single set of code across both deployment environments.


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