SnagIt Captures Screenshots from Computer Monitor and Websites

SnagIt is a screen capture tool which is quite famous among software and web developers. It is created by a leading software company – TechSmith. The tool enables you to capture full screen or window, part of the screen or window as per your preference.

You can also select a portion of the screen using the mouse and the tool automatically captures the selection. You can then edit or save the image using the SnagIt Editor. A screenshot of the tool is given below where you can see the names of all profiles.

Figure 1 – SnagIt Home Page

snagit, screen capture, techsmith

As soon as you install the tool, it adds a shortcut to the Windows 7 Taskbar. You can then select a profile and assign a shortcut key to it. Normally, the key will be a function key or a combination of all keys.

Figure 2 – SnagIt Keyboard Shortcut

snagit, screen capture, techsmith

I would prefer to assign the function key as it is easy to remember. Then whenever you need to capture the screen you just need to press the shortcut key and the captured portion will be opened in the SnagIt editor. Advanced users can make use of the tools provided within the SnagIt EditorĀ  to further customize the captured shot as shown in the figure below

FigureĀ 3 – Captured Screen Inside the SnagIt Editor

snagit, screen capture, techsmith

The tool is extremely valuable for seasoned professionals and authors who need to regularly capture screen shots. Please visit for more information and also to download a fully functional 30 days trial copy.


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