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Imagine that you have completed a degree course and waiting for a job. Spending alone at home. Don’t waste your time. You can spend your spare moments by visiting various websites which will ultimately expose you to the outside world.


It is a popular site to record your professional achievements, awards and projects. You will get an unique link like which you can provide to potential employers. You can include your past and current employment positions along with other achievements and recongnitions.


You can now create blogs for free using WordPress hosted platform. This means that you need not have to buy a domain to host your blog. Instead, you will be provided with a unique sub domain URL like http://<Your_User_Name> You just need to register at and start your blogging life in style with predefined themes.

However, if you would like to customize your site then you can buy a hosting plan from a reliable provider and host your WordPress site by uploading the required files. You have to follow certain steps to install the blog and also you have access to thousands of free themes which can downloaded from various websites.


It is a very popular micro blogging platform. You need not have to write a long blog post. Instead you can simply record your hourly/daily/weekly activities. I would suggest you not to include your twitter link in your resume as it will look less professional. You can however exchange links during informal meetings, conversations and in business cards.


FaceBook is a popular site using which you can build friendships. You have to either manually add friends or can search after registration. Over the period of time, your network will grow rapidly if you make use of all the features on the site by following their terms and conditions. Please do not add strangers as friends as you never know of their identity and also don’t share your personal details over the social networking sites.

NOTE: Please note that your username will be banned if you fail to follow the rules as laid down by the above sites.

You can reap rich benefits if you make maximum use of all the features on the above mentioned websites. Your name and professional status will be exposed to the outside world which will ultimately benefit you in long run.

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