Packt Publishing Releases Spring MVC Beginners Guide

Packt Publishing has released Spring MVC Beginner’s Guide authored by Amuthan G. Spring MVC Guide will help Java developers who would like to learn Spring MVC.

The book is designed in such a way that developers will be able to learn Spring MVC without any prior knowledge. However, the publisher states that a basic idea of Java Servlet programming will be ideal.

Spring MVC Beginner's Guide

Spring MVC Guide contains carefully crafted exercises, with detailed explanations for each step. As a developer, you will be able to learn end to end request/response life cycle and the responsibility of each logical component.

The Spring MVC Guide is packed with tips and tricks that demonstrates the industry best practices on developing a Spring MVC based application.

You will learn the following concepts in Spring MVC guide

  • Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the Spring development environment
  • Learn about the web application architecture and Spring MVC request flow
  • Integrate bean validation and custom validation
  • Use error handling and exception resolving
  • Discover REST-based web service development and Ajax
  • Test your web application
  • Learn how to use Tiles and Web Flow frameworks in your MVC application

This book is a great companion for beginners who want to learn Spring MVC. With the help of real-world examples, you will learn how to create a completely functional web application. You will also get a complete overview of the Spring web development environment and all its key components.

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