SQL Prompt 6.4 Adds New Features and Bug Fixes

SQL Prompt is a product developed by Red Gate Software based in United Kingdom. It is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio which enable you to avoid repetition of coding.

The key features of SQL Prompt are IntelliSense style code completion, Customizable code formatting, SQL code refractor, object tool tips, synonym support in addition to an ability to save code snippets. You can also save, search and recover tabs in SSMS.

SQL Prompt 6.4

SQL Prompt v6.4 provides an ability to insert semicolons. You will be able to execute current statements, rename variables and aliases. It is also possible to use object definition case. The latest release also adds several improvements to suggestions and object names.

SQL Prompt v6.4 has a feature to automatically remove square brackets from a script. It also displays the nullability of columns in the object definition box, tooltips and suggestions box. The latest release also includes improvements to code refractoring.

SQL Prompt Code Refractor

Developers will be able set their own formatting styles and share them with the team. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy consistent SQL code formatting with a single-click.

The latest release of SQL Prompt enables you to rename objects without breaking dependencies. It is also possible to encapsulate SQL code as a stored procedure.

With the help of SQL Prompt, you will be able to find invalid database objects, unused variables and parameters. You will be able to script objects as ALTER directly from SQL queries.

With the help of SQL Prompt v6.4, you will be able to choose either Management studio or Visual Studio during the installation process.

The latest release also added new formatting, tab history options in addition to improved loading dialog box and support for restricted accounts. It also adds several new improvements and bug fixes.

You will find a list of all the key features on the official site.

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