Overcome Difficulties and #StartANewLife

I completed pre degree course in science with 52% marks. My mother told me to join a self-financing engineering college. However, I was not prepared to study by paying huge fees. Hence, I joined degree course in commerce via distance education. My friends insisted me to join a college for the degree course.

But my two year stint with a reputed college in Trivandrum for pre degree course was a nightmare due to strikes and non-availability of adequate teachers etc. Hence, I decided to join distance education. It really worked for me since I was provided with all the required learning materials and teachers via regular contact classes.

I also joined a tutorial college to support my distance learning. It was a real fun. I completed commerce degree with a first class.

I continued my education and joined master’s course. However, I was admitted to a hospital for 15 days. After recovery, I was again hospitalized for another 10 days. Hence, I could not complete my master’s course.

However, I was not disappointed and was under the impression that I will be able to do well in other areas. I joined a reputed computer center to learn Java. I completed the course without any problems. After that I again joined the same institute to learn E-commerce.

I also completely learned Visual Basic on my own with the help of a computer and text books. In the meantime, I joined a computer center as faculty to teach HTML, Java and Visual Basic. In fact, I was also assigned to teach English for students. I used to interact with students and very much enjoyed my work. I assisted many students to complete their projects and I learned the concepts very well.

My father had mentioned about me to a manager of a private bank when they opened a new branch in my city. After few days, the manager contacted and asked me to join the bank.

My mother told me that banking job will be good and safe. However, I declined the offer since I loved teaching job very much.

My decision to decline the bank job offer was bit risky but it opened wide range of possibilities for me.

In 2002, I suddenly suffered a severe abdomen pain. I was again admitted to a hospital. My doctor took several days to diagnose the symptom. I suffered from Jaundice with the bilirubin level of over 15. I was able to recover after 20 days. My boss contacted and asked me to join again. However, I lost weight and was not in a position to work. Hence, I lost the job. I decided to take complete rest for one month. After that I started to think about my future plans.

I decided to work from home as a freelancer. My relatives laughed and told me that I will not be able to work from home. They also told me that I will not get a suitable alliance for marriage if I work from home since many parents prefer working grooms.

I started to publish articles on my own site and others. I got huge response. In the meantime, I also developed a web based application for a client in Maldives. Moreover, I was recognized with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for my contributions to the community. I had an opportunity to interact with several people and managers. I became part of reputed brands such as ASPAllance, asp.netPRO, DevPro and worked for them sincerely.

In 2006, my photo appeared on the front page of the asp.netPRO magazine along with leading software developers from around the world. I was also featured on the Mathrubhumi newspaper, leading Malayalam newspaper.

I feel that the decision to move from commerce to computer field after completing degree course was a bold step in right direction. I feel that my decision to decline a job offer of a private bank was also bold. If I had joined the bank then I would not have got so much recognition, publicity and popularity.

I took certain risky and hard decisions in life and they completely changed my life to a great extent.

I now feel that the decisions I took during each phase of my career was correct and bold. If you suffer from something bad then you should take rest for few days and should come back strongly. If you lost a good job then you should never worry about it. You should always think that something good is waiting for you in store.

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