Stimulsoft Professional Reporting in New Product Versions

Stimulsoft, a leading manufacturer of software for data processing and analysis, announced today the release of version 2011.3 of reporting tools Reports.Net, Reports.Web, Reports Designer.Web, Reports.Wpf and Reports.Ultimate. These products are united in a single product line called Stimulsoft Reports.

With the release of 2011.3 version the WebViewer component has greatly changed and has become almost like a brand new one. It has been completely rewritten starting with a super new menu, and ending with support for a wide range of interface themes. The new WebViewer was fully tested on all browsers and mobile platforms.

The StiWebViewer component also has a new panel of variables to request parameters. It has a convenient interface that allows the user to easily enter complex settings, such as lists, editable lists with a variable number of elements, and ranges of data types.

For the Date type a comfortable DatePicker (calendar) was implemented. Now there is no need to enter the date manually. When sending data from a panel of variables or resetting to the initial values, changes in the report occur without reloading the page. Also, a new panel of variables is made in accordance with the new design of the WebViewer.

The new version supports the Cross-tab component in Reports.Silverlight. The Cross-tab component is used for processing, grouping and summarizing data from a data source. The results are represented as a table.

Since the last release report-importing utilities have been revised. The developers of Stimulsoft dramatically improved their performance. Much work has been done on importing utilities such as Import.ActiveReports, Import.CrystalReports, Import.MicrosoftReportingServices.

The utility Report Checker, designed to check reports for errors, now provides detailed reports in German (earlier, it only supported Russian and English).

Support for Business Objects is added to all the report wizards used for report designing. This allows them to be used in full strength.

"There is no need to describe what each new release means to us", says the head of the Support Department Ivan Shmatov. – "You know this even better than we do; a lot of work should be done to ensure that our "baby" is not merely a convenient application but your reliable friend and partner whom you can always rely on!"

The list of changes is not limited to things described above. Read more about them on the website

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About Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft is a leading supplier in the reporting tools market for all major development platforms from Microsoft, as well as for Flex, PHP, and Java. The company┬┤s customers are many large and small commercial organizations, governmental, educational and nonprofit institutions, as well as commercial organizations, in more than 130 countries around the world.

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