Syncfusion Announces Big Data Platform for Enterprise Developers

Syncfusion, leading .NET component vendor has released beta version of their upcoming Big Data platform. The Syncfusion Big Data Platform provides all the required tools such as Hadoop, Sqoop, Pig and Hive. These tools are packaged as a single Windows installer. Moreover, if you hold a Syncfusion Plus subscription, you will be eligible for free commercial support directly from the product team.

With the help of the Big Data platform, you will be able to develop and deploy big data solutions very easily. The platform enables developers to completely access Hadoop environment.

The platform also provides an exclusive Management Studio application that provides a visual interface for performing common operations like exploring HDFS storage, importing data into Hadoop, composing and executing Pig and Hive scripts and submitting MapReduce jobs.

The Syncfusion Big Data Management Studio provides the relevant user interface to work with Hive, Sqoop and Pig Latin. If you are unaware, Pig Latin is a high level language that enables you to author MapReduce jobs. The Syncfusion Bid Data platform provides sample demos of Hive and Pig Latin to enable developers to work faster.

Syncfusion Big Data Platform

With the help of big data platform, you will be able to author MapReduce jobs using Visual Studio, C# or any library included in the .NET Platform. It also includes an explorer that enables developers to interact with files stored within the local Hadoop Distributed File System.

Syncfusion Big Data Platform Sqoop

“Syncfusion will be shipping a user friendly, free production distribution for Windows that does not take weeks of fine tuning by highly paid consultants.” mentions the official Big Data product page.

Syncfusion Big Data platform is 100% free with optional paid support. As mentioned above, if you are a Plus subscription holder, you will get free support.

With the help of Big Data platform, you will be able to deploy your apps to the Microsoft Azure HDInsight cloud implementation of Hadoop with no code changes.

The beta version installer includes several sample applications that make sure that you have installed the platform correctly.

Syncfusion also provides high end consulting services since they have deep expertise on the Hadoop stack. The Syncfusion big data product page provides two real world case studies based on the experience of companies who already deployed the beta version.

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