Telerik Q2 2015 SP1 Gets Better with Containers Framework, Routing Functionality and Bridges Support

Telerik Q2 2015 SP1 has updated with several features. RadDiagram now includes features such as Containers framework, Routing functionality, Bridges support, Printing in addition to support for Touch. You will be able to work with touch enabled moniors very easily.

Containers Framework

RadPivotGrid has been updated with two new export providers namely PivotGridPdfExport and PivotGridSpreadExport, which deliver great flexibility of the Document Processing Libraries It enables you to fine-tune the exported files.

RadGridView enables you to export View Definitions. You will be able to experience this functionality in both GridViewSpreadExport and GridViewPdfExport. Telerik has also added a feature with which grouped rows can be exported from RadGridView to grouped rows in MS Excel. RadDock enables you to easily snap floating forms one to another for easier layout adjustment.

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