The Emergence of Online Learning

Good quality education is important for the development of our nation. Traditionally, students used to attend schools and colleges to learn subjects. This system still exists. However, with the growth of technology learning kits/materials were made available either through Internet or via CD/DVD. These resources are created using some kind of softwares such as Camtasia Studio.

Online learning is becoming very popular among the community ever since the emergence of the web. Corporates and freelancers extensively make use of e-learning capabilities not only to save time but also to cut costs associated with onsite training.

Nowadays, teachers in few schools make use of CDs to teach subjects, which will have interactive lessons and assignments. Moreover, the marks secured for assignments will be instantly displayed on the screen. This will enable teachers to easily measure the skills of students and take remedial measures to improve the learning abilities of students.

Moreover, teachers will be able to make use of communication utilities such as Microsoft Skype and discussion forums to interact with their students in addition to e-mail and web based chat systems. The advantage of forums is that students will be able to interact with their fellow students.

Moodle is popular web based open-source learning platform which can be used to create instructional courses. It is also mobile and cross-browser compatible and hence it displays content which are easily accessible and consistent across different web browsers and devices.

According to official sources, there are over 85,390 registered sites with members spread over 240 countries. Nearly 8,249,517 courses have been created with 76,758,588 users.

If you are a software developer, you can purchase courses on subscription basis from Pluralsight, which can accessed anywhere on the web either using laptop or mobile devices. The courses will have audio based slides and video demonstrations with assessment questions. As a student, you will not be able to download the courses. Pluralsight provides 200 hours of free initial training so that you can test drive the content to make sure it suits your requirements.

From my point of view, companies and corporates should leverage Pluralsight to impart coaching for their developers without spending huge money for on-site training.

Edurite has released study kits for CBSE, ICSE and select state boards. These kits consist of animated video tutorials and worksheets, which will help students to understand the topics easily. They even created video CDs for kindergarten kids. However, many parents are not aware of these resources and they insist on traditional tuition classes, which doesn’t serve any real purpose. I feel that companies like edurite should tie up with schools to spread the awareness of their materials.

Going forward, elearning will create a deep impact among the masses. I am sure teachers and schools will tap the available resources to impart quality education.

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