Interview with Todd Anglin on Telerik-Progress Merger Deal

Progress Software recently announced the acquisition of Telerik, popular .NET component vendor in an unprecedented USD 262.5 million deal.

Telerik Progress Software Merger

In an exclusive interview with Learnxpress, Todd Anglin, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Telerik shared additional information about the merger dealĀ and what it takes for both customers and Telerik.

Learnxpress: Can you elaborate as to who will benefit with the proposed merger of Telerik with Progress?

Todd Anglin: First, just to be clear, Progress Software (PRGS) is acquiring Telerik. The beneficiaries of this union between Progress and Telerik are clearly many. Each company has a highly complimentary product portfolio, and together we will be able to serve both developers and enterprise customers even more efficiently.

Learnxpress: Will you retain the current website of Telerik after merger?

Todd Anglin: Yes. Telerik will become “Telerik, a Progress Company” and the current website will remain. Customers will continue to visit to get product updates and support.

Learnxpress: LearnXpress feel that the Telerik merger with Progress is an unexpected and sudden development. Is it so?

Todd Anglin: This is a strategic deal that Telerik and Progress have been working on for a while. With the acquisition of Telerik, Progress now has industry leading full lifecycle suites of tools for application development in the control space (for professional developers) and the productivity space (for business users).

Through this acquisition Progress becomes a 2014 “Visionary” in three large categories defined by Gartner: Application Platform as a Service (APaaS) with Pacific, Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) with Telerik Platform, and Integrated Software Quality Suites with Telerik Test Studio. This provides a great launching pad for our combined vision/roadmaps in 2015.

Learnxpress: Does Telerik continue to create products for .NET community after merger?

Todd Anglin: Yes, definitely! Our .NET products and customers remain critical to the combined Telerik/Progress future.

Learnxpress: Will there be any layoffs as a result of the merger?

Todd Anglin: Telerik’s day-to-day operations remain fully intact and Telerik employees continue with their responsibilities helping developers as they always have until the closing. Telerik and Progress have highly complimentary businesses and operations, so we expect the businesses to blend very seamlessly after closing.

Learnxpress: What will happen to your India office after merger?

Todd Anglin: There is nothing to announce at this time regarding specific Telerik or Progress offices, though India will certainly remain a critical market for Telerik and Progress. In addition to Telerik’s offices in New Delhi, Progress has a large development center in Hyderabad.

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